Sayed Moegsien bin Alawie

The history of Wali Allah Sayed Moegsien (RA) can be traced to the beginning of the 20th century to a mountain hamlet, Hadratul Mout near Aden in Yemen. As denoted by the title Sayed, Sheikh Moegsien (RA) was a direct descendent of the supreme prophet Nabi Muhammed Mustafa (SAW).

In 1909, Sayed Moegsien finally took up the reigns of what was to be characterised as his life’s work. He actively pursued his missionary calling and departed for Cape Town. Here he stayed for a period of ten years after which he briefly returned to Mombassa. In 1927, he again journeyed to Cape Town to continue his missionary work.  

Mowbray GPS Co-ordinates

S 33* 56.292 and E 18* 24.720 (parking area)
S 33* 56.340 and E 18* 27.780 (at kramat)