Shaykh Hazrat Khwaja Sayed Ali Shah

Shaykh Hazrat Khwaja Sayed Mehboob Ali Shah Chish'ti Nizami Habibi Faqiri (R.A), blessed the land of South Africa when he first set foot on South African soil in 1968 at the instruction of his Peer-o-Murshid (spiritual mentor or guide), Sayed Faqir Mohammad Shah Chish'ti Nizami Habibi (R.A).

He was sent with the special task of propagating Islam, the Spiritual upliftment of the people and spreading the Chish’ti Nizami Habibi silsila (branch of Sufi order). He continued his visits to South Africa on a regular basis and touched hundreds if not thousands, with his spiritual instructions and had disciples worldwide.

GPS Co-ordinates:

S 33*55.153 and E 18*31.191